FitDC is a new health and wellness initiative conceived by Mayor Muriel Bowser to encourage all D.C. residents from all eight wards to get out, move more and adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. If you want to get healthier and make better lifestyle choices but need a bit of help or encouragement getting started, there’s support for you!

Beginning this summer, FitDC is launching the FitDC Billion Steps Challenge to inspire and motivate D.C. residents from across the city to come together for the sake of the city’s health. We know that’s a lot of steps, but by working together with initiative partners, community groups, neighbors and FitDC coaches, it can be done.



Each ward will kick off FitDC with “Ward Walks,” led by FitDC coaches, city officials and other community partners. The goal: to walk 3 miles, or 6,000 steps, three times a week. We understand that such a lofty goal may be challenging for some, so we invite you to do what you can, whether that’s walking three blocks, 1/2 a mile or 1.5 miles. We all have to start somewhere. Eventually, you’ll find yourself increasing your distance and walking 3 miles in no time!


  • Ward 5 Walk on Saturday, July 11 at 9 am beginning at the Turkey Thicket Recreation Center, 1100 West Michigan Avenue
  • Ward 8 Walk on Saturday, August 15 at 9 am beginning at Fort Stanton Recreation Center, 1812 Erie Street

(There is a chart to see how many steps have been logged by each ward, and as of June, Ward 4 is winning by a lot! With Ward 8 in second place.)


Speaking of coaches, each ward has its own coach that works in the city and will help coordinate community walks and other fun events.

FitDC Ward 4 Coach Carrye BrownCarrye Brown, Ward 4 Coach

Carrye’s favorite activity is walking and tries to find 150 minutes a week to do it. What first prompted her to adopt a healthier lifestyle was after retirement, she participated in the Diabetes Prevention and Education program at the Holy Cross Hospital, which required her to record food intake, exercise consistently, monitor her weight, and participate in a support group. She says, “Do what your body can do, just keep it moving.” She finds inspiration from her mother, a veteran physical education teacher, who encouraged her to “make physical fitness fun and attainable at any ability level and age.”


FitDC Ward 5 Coach Elena LittlesElena Littles, Ward 5 Coach

Elena LOVES to dance – she was a HU Ooh La La! dancer and a Redskins Cheerleader – and brings that fun energy to teaching cardio classes. “I totally believe in finding a fitness activity that you love doing, and sticking with it!” she says. “Fitness has allowed me to experience a freedom and appreciation of my health that I have never before felt. … Do you know how much money we can save on those doctor’s bills if we take the preventative measures now? A lot!”



FitDC Ward 7 Coach Christina AlexanderChristina Alexander, Ward 7 Coach

Christina is on a mission to get healthier and wants to get her community involved and excited to do it with her. “As an African-American woman on the other side of 30, I’m committed to keeping hypertension, diabetes and heart disease at bay,” she says. “To help keep me accountable and get you motivated, I’ve accepted a role as a FitDC coach. By using social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I’m moving forward in my fitness journey while declaring my #ProjectWaistline mission.”



FitDC Ward 8 Coach Charles TaylorCharles Taylor, Ward 8 Coach

Charles, a personal trainer and health educator for more than 20 years, likes teaching people how to have a fun workout anywhere – without having to go to a gym. His mantra is to “Get outdoors, connect with nature, and move,” which he does through outdoor fitness boot camps, paddling, hiking and high ropes courses.