The DC Department of Health and US Department of Agriculture offer some tips, and we’ll throw in a few of our own:

  • Add peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes or your favorite greens – spinach, kale or collards – to an omelet.
  • Even easier, crack a couple eggs in a microwave-safe bowl, beat them a bit, and toss in your veggies and maybe a crack of pepper or crushed red pepper for some kick, then microwave for a couple minutes until cooked through. It’ll create really fluffy eggs, really quickly and with little clean up.
  • Heating up a can of soup or making spaghetti for dinner? Add in a handful of spinach, mushrooms or peas (fresh, canned or frozen) before you heat, and you’ll barely notice it’s there!
  • Instead of adding sugar or syrup to your sweet potatoes, try baking them with a little butter and sprinkling on some cinnamon for a much healthier version of a favorite side.