Our friends at D.C. Central Kitchen’s Health Corner Stores put together a really helpful list to make your money go further when shopping for healthier food items for your family.

  • Shop for sales. If you want spinach, but collard greens are on sale, get the collards.
  • Know how to read a sale. If it says 10 for $20 you usually do NOT have to buy all ten. You can just buy one for $2.
  • Most stores have a clearance section of food that is about to expire. Check there for deals.
  • Dry beans and dry rice are cheaper than canned or microwavable, and very easy to cook.
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables can taste great and be cheaper.
  • Applesauce and raisins are cheaper ways to get some fruit servings in.
  • Join the store’s discount card.
  • Try shopping at Aldi or other discount stores to save more.


Don’t forget to visit one of the 62 participating corner stores to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks. Need a list of participating corner stores? Click here.