WASHINGTON, July 13, 2017 – To combat health inequity among the District’s residents, Leadership Council for Healthy Communities (LCHC) and community health providers have reignited their commitment to connecting community members to neighborhood health centers, recreation centers, healthy corner stores, cooking classes, and nutrition and diabetes education classes.  In a meeting on Tuesday, July 11, hosted by the Leadership Council for Healthy Communities (LCHC), community health providers created a strategy to ensure summer is the time Ward 7 residents learn how to stay healthy.

Beginning this week, Unity Health-Minnesota Avenue, Deanwood Recreation Center, Healthy Corner Stores, Capital Area Food Bank Grocery Plus, UDC CAUSES East Capitol Urban Farm, and DC UrbanGreens will help residents find the desired services they want to be physically active, eat well, and know their health numbers.  This outreach effort is part of the innovative clinical and preventative health service collaboration, Healthy Ties That Bind, which LCHC started several years ago. “I am encouraged by the collaborative in Ward 7 to raise awareness of the multiple health related services in the neighborhood that promote healthy living,” expressed Sullivan Robinson, the Executive Director of Leadership Council for Healthy Communities. Neighbors will find posters and flyers that list preventative services centered on wellness, nutrition education, healthy food access and/or physical activity throughout the Deanwood community. Five faith-based institutions in this area, participating with LCHC’s coalition, have designated health coordinators to educate their congregation and neighbors about personal health and wellness and will be thoroughly engaged in raising awareness of community health services this summer.

LCHC and the community collaborators will share messages on health through newsletters, Facebook, blogs, posters, flyers, and word of mouth to encourage the community to visit a nearby wellness service.  We are excited to raise awareness of wellness throughout Deanwood. This commitment and collaboration between community residents, faith leaders, and community partners aim to improve the quality of life for all.  Help us spread the word.  For more information about the meeting, please call LCHC offices at 202-541-1031 or email info@lchcnetwork.org.

About Leadership Council for Healthy Communities

The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities (LCHC) is an organization dedicated to working with clergy leaders, medical professionals, and community advocates to help African Americans and other minorities eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity.  The overall goal of LCHC is to promote healthy communities through programs and services centered in faith-based institutions.

About Healthy Ties That Bind

Healthy Ties That Bind is a program within the CDC’s Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) grant. The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities (LCHC) is establishing standards of care that focus on prevention, improving access to health services, healthy stores, and recreational opportunities in the community. The program helps to link at health risk community members to local health providers and preventative services in their neighborhood.