With so many ways to be healthy these days, it can be overwhelming to decide what’s best for you.  But, you do not have to do it alone. Finding a health buddy within your family or community can make being healthy less overwhelming. It can even make it fun by spending time with your friends while exercising, cooking healthy meals, and getting your blood pressure, sugars, and cholesterol checked.

When it comes to your health, it is important to check your numbers and medications yearly. Most people are actually visiting the doctor less often than they should.1 Get your annual check-up by visiting a neighborhood health center or your doctor.

Make visiting a doctor a priority this summer and remember …

Your health matters to others.

When you are dealing with an illness, talk with a friend, family member, your religious leader, or an expert.  Everybody will face a health challenge at some point in their life. Reach out to people in your life for support.  Then, they will feel comfortable reaching out to you in the future when they need help. In fact, social support, including friends and family, leads to lower rates of illness and death.2

Bring a friend.

No one likes to visit the doctor alone.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a hand to hold. Having your loved ones by your side for support will help you feel better.  Encourage your family and friends to visit their doctors and get their numbers checked too. Regular check-ups always help us all manage our health.

Make changes with others

It is hard to change what you eat, get active, and cook new foods by yourself.  Getting your friends and family to join you will make it easier. Challenge your friends to exercise more, go for a checkup, and eat less sugar, fat, and salt with you.

When it comes to your village, everyone can work together to support healthy habits and a healthy community. Don’t let your health take a summer vacation. Make health a priority by taking a loved one with you to your neighborhood health clinic.

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