This month is National Family Meals Month which means it is time to celebrate food, family, and spending time together. Eating meals as a family gives you an opportunity to learn about each other’s day and to spend time with those you love.

It can seem hard to set aside time to eat together when everyone is so busy nowadays, but by working together you can accomplish so much, no matter how much time you have. There is more to family meals than just cooking, so let’s explore other ways to bond while you prepare a family meal.

Set the table together. Make your table more exciting by setting it together. One person can put down the plates, someone else can fill the cups with water, and another person can get the silverware! You can also decorate your table by choosing a tablecloth that everyone loves or even drawing pictures on notebook paper for each spot at the table.

Eat backward. Doing things out of the normal can be funky and fun and keeps things interesting! For example, try having dessert first! There’s nothing more exciting and surprising than expecting to eat dinner and being served fresh fruit with whipped cream. Just make sure to leave room for your main meal by having a small serving of dessert.

Dress the part. Family meals become even more fun when they are also a costume party. If you’re making breakfast for dinner, wear your pajamas! If you’re making vegetable enchiladas, challenge everyone to a sombrero-making contest! All you need is some paper and crayons to make dinnertime so much more exciting.

Eating as a family doesn’t have to be hard or boring. Instead, it can be the perfect opportunity to be creative and have a whole lot of fun! This month try some new things as a family at your table and don’t be afraid to make it as exciting as possible.

More information about Family Meals Month can be found here.