Dinnertime is such a fun time of day: the kids are out of school for the day, work is over, and everyone is winding down and finally relaxing. Most importantly, it is time to make a delicious, healthy meal for the entire family to enjoy! And the good news is, you don’t have to do it all yourself. September is National Family Meals Month and it’s about time you get the whole family involved in making dinner.

Having the whole family help with making dinner makes it easier to cook dinner and gets everyone together for a time of bonding and fun. So how do you get everyone involved? It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

First, pick a healthy, fun recipe that everyone agrees on. You can find many recipes online or in cookbooks that you can borrow from your local library! Or, if you’re feeling really creative, your entire family can create one from scratch. Or, everyone can choose one of their favorite foods and then it becomes a fun challenge to figure out how to put it all together.

Next, assign everyone a duty. For example, someone can be on dish washing duty as dinner is being prepared so that the mess gets cleaned up as it is being made. You can also choose someone, who isn’t too young, to be on vegetable chopping duty or someone can be in charge of stirring whatever is on the stove. Just make sure to remember that the kitchen can be dangerous for smaller children, so maybe an older child or another adult can be on kid watching duty!

Finally, serve the food like waiters in a fancy restaurant. It can be tempting to put all the food dishes on the table, but it is definitely more fun to eat like you’re at a restaurant. Leave the food in the kitchen and put food on the plates one at a time and then bring them to the table. Maybe whoever has the best balance can carry out each plate!

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy each moment. Make dinnertime the best part of the day! Keep your family involved and excited each night this September.

More information about Family Meals Month can be found here.