It’s so hard to believe that summer is winding down, but fall is coming on September 22nd! Cooler temperatures and colorful leaves are on their way. In the spirit of all the change that fall brings, try changing up your diet this season. There are so many wonderful fruits and vegetables in season during the fall.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season is the perfect way to get more fruits and vegetables because they taste even better. In season produce is fresher and tastier, so give it a try! You can find seasonal produce in your local grocery stores and corner stores, and you can also check out your local farmer’s market. All of the produce there is local and seasonal because farmers can only grow what the season will allow.

So what is in season this fall, you ask? You will find pumpkins, collard greens, and butternut squash. You can also find apples and raspberries and cranberries. You could even roast up some root vegetables, too!

Try eating some fall produce this year and you might be surprised by how delicious it is. Have fun trying new, healthy foods and recipes this fall and don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never tasted before!