Boo! Happy Halloween! Ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and candy galore! It’s that time of year where candy is everywhere you look and it is, oh, so tempting. Candy may be tasty, but believe it or not, there are even better, healthier Halloween treats out there.

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party, bringing a treat to a friend’s house, or deciding what to hand out to kids this year, try checking out some neat tips for healthier treats. Don’t worry, making healthier Halloween snacks doesn’t have to mean handing out plain vegetables. Here are some fun, festive, and healthy Halloween ideas:

Use more fruits and veggies. When you are making a fun Halloween recipe, fruits and vegetables may not normally come to mind. However, there are so many creative ways to use delicious, healthy produce to make exciting, Halloween-themed treats. Check out these recipes that’ll impress your guests and leave them feeling great!

Think about your drinks. There’s no more classic Halloween drink than punch with dry ice in it to make it look foggy and creepy. Luckily, it’s so easy to make a healthy Halloween punch! Try making an alcohol-free punch that’s lower in sugar and uses real fruit juice instead of soda. Here are some cool punch recipes to try out this year.

Enjoy your candy. One of the best parts about Halloween is the candy, so you should be able to enjoy it! A simple way to make a healthier habit this Halloween is to buy the mini candy bars instead of fun-sized or regular ones. It can be tempting to grab a handful of these little candies and eat them without too much thought. However, this Halloween, you should try eating one mini candy at a time and really taking the time to enjoy it. Savor your favorite type of candy as you eat it and you’ll find that one little candy may do the trick to fulfill your craving!

Having a healthy Halloween isn’t hard at all. Instead, it can be very tasty, healthy, and exciting all at the same time. Pick your costume, find your recipes, and have a Happy Healthy Halloween!