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Your source for tips on how to navigate the health care system, from understanding your insurance to finding a doctor.

Finding a Doctor

Looking for a doctor that takes your insurance?

D.C. has recently launched the DC Health Link doctor directory, which makes it easy to find doctors and the DC Marketplace health plans that they participate in. With this tool, you can search for doctors by name, location, specialty, health plan participation, and more.

Always call your doctor to confirm that the doctor is in the network of the plan you are considering or renewing and will continue to be during the upcoming coverage year. If you are a new patient, you should also make sure the doctor is accepting new patients. READ MORE

Clinical Resources  – Brief overview/tips of navigating the referral system.

Free Preventive Services

All Health Insurance Marketplace plans and many other plans must cover certain preventive services without charging you a co-payment or coinsurance. These include blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and many cancer screenings; diet counseling; and even immunization vaccines or shots including Hepatitis and the flu shot. LEARN MORE about the free preventive services and other health coverage.

Understand Your Health Coverage

You have health insurance and an insurance card in hand, but now what do you do with it? Know that your health matters – to you and to those you love – so take advantage of the benefits you have available. Health coverage is not just for when you’re sick, it can be used to help prevent getting sick.  Healthy Ties fact sheet-insurance card

DC Healthcare Alliance

If you don’t qualify for Medicare or Medicaid but still need insurance, you may qualify for DC Healthcare Alliance Program (“the Alliance”). The Alliance covers:
•    Doctor visits
•    Preventive care (checkups, diet and nutrition)
•    Prenatal care (pregnancy)
•    Prescription drugs
•    Laboratory services
•    Medical supplies
•    Dental Services up to $1,000

Savings on Prescriptions

Did you know there’s even a FREE discount prescription drug card that offers savings of up to 75% on your prescriptions? LEARN MORE