Community Resources

Creating a healthier D.C. by linking the community to accessible and affordable health and wellness services.

Community Resources

woman_elderlyHealthy Ties that Bind is working to create a healthier D.C. by linking the community to accessible and affordable health and wellness services. The LCHC network is not just about providing a map of clinics, but of multidisciplinary services throughout your community to offer you a healthier, happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

To find some of these resources in your neighborhood, please visit:

We are excited to employ our long-term partnerships with numerous community organizations throughout Wards 4, 5, 7 and 8 to develop a connected system of wrap-around services to address and improve the health of these communities. There are many innovative programs being implemented in DC. Healthy Ties that Bind will seek to coordinate communication and an outreach approach to link these great resources, enhancing reach and effectiveness.

Here are just a couple examples of innovative programs in your community:

Ward 4 Community Resources

Recreation Centers

dpr_Logo418x268_0D.C. Parks offers 11 recreation centers in Ward 4, including the Emery Recreation Center (5801 Georgia Avenue NW) and Lamond Recreation Center (20 Tuckerman Street NE). D.C.’s recreation centers offer a wide range of free classes – for all ages, interests and skill levels. For more information on classes, click here.

First Baptist Church

FBC_logo__imgFirst Baptist Church (712 Randolph Street NW) is led by the Rev. Frank D. Tucker, a longtime health advocate who promotes wellness in his congregation. First Baptist offers worship, bible study and ministries for all ages, as well as senior services. 

Mary's Center

maryctrMary’s Center is more than just a community health center, merging health care, social services, and education to empower all families to live health and productive lives. It offers clinical care for all ages, pre- and post-natal outreach, mental and dental services, special needs programs, and teaches people how to manage and prevent conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Visit the clinic at 3912 Georgia Avenue, NW and the Bernice Fonteneau Senior Wellness Center, 3531 Georgia Avenue NW.  Click here for hours and services.

Petworth Community Market

PetworthPetworth Community Market offers fresh produce and food from local farms every Saturday, 9AM – 1PM, at Upshur and 9th NW at Georgia Avenue. The Market matches SNAP and WIC spending up to $10 each week, as well as the Produce Plus program. Each week also features a community organization, fun activities and/or entertainment.

Share Food Network

The SHARE FShareood Network offers thousands of families affordable, nutritious groceries each month at various locations throughout D.C. Not tied to a government program, anyone may buy SHARE packages for $21, which includes $40-$50 worth of healthy groceries.

YMyLogoBlueCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program, part of CDC led National Diabetes Prevention Program, gets to the root of the diabetes epidemic by helping those at high risk of developing the disease make lifestyle changes. The program focuses on healthy eating, physical activity and weight management. If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, or believe you may be at risk for developing the disease, the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program can help you develop a healthier lifestyle and work with you to reduce the risks this condition can pose to your health

Local and Affordable Food Options

Farmers markets are often perceived as having sky-high prices, but with governmental programs that offer “bonus dollars,” the farmers markets are more affordable than ever. Two programs that offer FREE money towards your purchase of fruits and vegetables are the Produce Plus Program and the Matching Dollars Benefit Program.