Health In Motion

Exercise doesn’t have to be a dreaded word, it can be fun – and fit into your busy schedule. We’ll offer tips on easy ways to start moving, and how to utilize D.C.’s vast recreational resources.

Health In Motion

Fitness and Health

Klydie "Fairy Yogi" ThomasDid you know you can burn more than 150 calories in a half an hour of just dancing around the house to your favorite music? Exercise doesn’t have to be a bad word! It doesn’t have to be boring and a chore, it can be fun – and, hey, even chores around the house burn loads of calories. Gardening can burn more than 150 calories in a half hour. And just vacuuming and cooking and picking up after the kids, it all adds up to about 80 calories in 30 minutes.

FitDC, a new health and wellness initiative launched by Mayor Bowser, is encouraging all D.C. residents to get out, move more and adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. The program’s website offers lots of fitness tips, such as ways to amp up your workout with music, finding a fitness friend, and ways to take advantage of what D.C. has to offer. The goal is to come together as a city and walk one billion steps together. READ MORE to find out how they are doing it and easy ways to participate.

youngman_excerisingFor more ideas to keep active every day, see the Department of Health’s Physical Activity tip sheet  on how to Get Up, Get Down, Move Yourself Around!

By balancing the calories you eat with the calories you burn, you can maintain a healthy weight – key to a healthy life. Children should get 60 minutes of physical activity daily, while adults should get at least 30 minutes each day.

Don’t have 30 minutes to spare? Break it up into 10-minute segments and build it into your day. Take a walk after lunch, or get off the bus a couple stops early. Walk the dog, or, we’ll say it again, break out into dance!

Where To Go

The Department of Parks and Recreation offers a number of activities and programs for District residents, offering beautiful open spaces and recreational amenities and by providing equal access to affordable and quality recreational services, activities and programs. This summer, cool off in the citywide pools or get outside for family-friendly activities. READ MORE in the 2015 Spring and Summer Resource Directory