Community Resources

Creating a healthier D.C. by linking the community to accessible and affordable health and wellness services. LEARN MORE

Community Health Services

Your source for tips on how to navigate the health care system, from understanding your insurance to finding a doctor. LEARN MORE

Family Preventive Health

Chronic disease prevention is important for everyone in your family, at all ages. Find resources on identifying symptoms of, prevention techniques for, and management of: Heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.  LEARN MORE

Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit

Being happy and fulfilled emotionally impacts your health in so many ways. Family, faith, charity, community – they all help to relieve stress and have been shown to reduce blood pressure.  LEARN MORE

Health in Motion

Exercise doesn’t have to be a dreaded word, it can be fun – and fit into your busy schedule. We’ll offer tips on easy ways to start moving, and how to utilize D.C.’s vast recreational resources.  LEARN MORE

Wholesome Eating

A balanced, healthy diet can be delicious and affordable; we will provide information on where to look and how to prepare it. We’ll offer places to shop, tools for budget savings, and tasty recipes and tips on eating well.  LEARN MORE