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Health Ministry Network


Programs and Services

Centered in Faith-Based Institutions

The LCHC Health Ministry Network incorporates key strategies to encourage overall health which includes physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. Programs and services centered in faith-based institutions throughout Washington, DC and delivered by trained and skilled health coordinators.

Health Ministry Network

All Nations Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. James Coleman

Ambassador Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Wanda Thompson

Berean Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Robert G. Childs

Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ

Reverend William T. Young IV

East Washington Heights Baptist Church

Reverend Kip B. Banks, Sr.

First Baptist Church (Minnesota Avenue)

Rev. Dr. Harold N. Brooks, Jr.

First Baptist Church (Randolph)

Reverend Dr. Frank D. Tucker

First Church of Seventh-Day Adventist

Reverend Lisa Smith-Reid

First Rock Baptist Church

Reverend Anthony L Minter

Florida Avenue Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Earl D. Trent

Galbraith AME Zion Church\

Reverend Pharaad Masah El

Greater First Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Winston Ridley

Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church

Archbishop Alfred A. Owens

Greater New St Paul Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Regretta Ruffin

Israel Baptist Church

Reverend Lance T. Aubert, Sr., Interim Pastor

Israel Metropolitan CME Church

Reverend Dr. Ricky D. Helton

John Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church

Reverend Dr. Christopher L. Zacharias

Johnson Memorial Baptist Church

Reverend Kenneth Thomas, Sr., M.Div

Michigan Park Christian Church

Reverend Marvin J. Owens, Jr.

Millati Islami (The Path to Peace)

Imam Bilal Ali Prather

Moorish Science Temple of America, #71

Brother Lorenzo Green Bey

Mount Airy Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. L. B. West

Mount Moriah Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Lucius M. Dalton

Mt. Bethel Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Bobby L. Livingston, Sr.

Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church

Reverend Lionel Edmonds

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

Reverend Tyrone Queen

New Bethel Baptist Church

Reverend Dexter U. Nutall

New Commandment Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Stephen E. Tucker

New Morning Star Baptist Church

Reverend Donald K. Sadler

New Samaritan Baptist Church

Bishop Michael V. Kelsey

Nineteenth Street Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Darryl D. Roberts, PhD

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church

The Very Reverend Thomas Frank, SSJ

Paramount Baptist Church

Reverend Kenneth Rioland, Jr.

Pilgrim Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. L. B. Jones

Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Freddie Davis

Plymouth Congregational Church

Reverend Graylan S. Hagler

St. Charles Baptist Church

Reverend Eric Barksdale

St. John United Baptist Church

Rev. Dr. John M. Alexander, Jr.

St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church

Monsignor Raymond East

The Temple of Praise

Bishop Glen A. Staples

Union Temple Baptist Church

Reverend Anika Wilson Brown, PhD

Unity Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Charles McNeill

Vermont Avenue Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. John J. Cox


Partnership is key to success!

Meeting Needs in the Community

Whether in the sanctuary or neighborhood park, we need our partners, neighbors and friends to help us meet our goal – for healthy communities across the District where residents can find and use preventive and clinical services to improve their overall health.

Roadmaps for community health

Residents Take An Active Role 

Coalition partners and ward-based multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) collaborate with LCHC to increase clinical and community linkages to improve access to health providers and related social services. These activities engage and empower participants to take a more active role in their own health.

To make a difference in the health of our communities, we all need to bind together.

Ivan Walks, MD

LCHC Board Member