Promoting Healthy Behaviors

Our Mission

Our Mission


LCHC is uniquely positioned and suited to address the health disparities that exist through faith based approaches with the capacity to maximum reach through faith institutions to impact the health status of the community.

Floyd O. May

Interim Executive Director, Leadership Council for Healthy Communities

Sullivan Robinson served as a founding member and executive director of LCHC. She has over 25 years of exectuive leadership experience with community and faith-based organizations.


Founding Executive Director, Leadership Council for Healthy Communities

Serving the Heart of the Community

Since its inception, LCHC has been committed to ensuring access to information, resources and ongoing care to underserved communities across the District. From nutrition and tobacco cessation counseling to COVID and Flu vaccination and education, a variety of services are available through LCHC staff. Get the information and care you need today. Contact us.

Serving the Community


For over thirteen years, LCHC has connected communities to the tools, programs and services that eliminate health disparities and promote healthy behaviors.

We establish standards of care that focus on prevention, improving access to health services, healthy stores, and recreational opportunities in the community, and linking community members at health risks to health providers and social services.

Our goal is for a healthier D.C; for everyone to be afforded health coverage, access to and quality of care for overall health and wellness.


Faith institutions do this because of our
nature, mission, capacity and need

Organized by faith leaders for faith leaders to address burgeoning health and social service issues.
The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities (LCHC) is a Washington, DC based non-profit organization of clergy leaders, medical professionals, public and community leaders working together to help African Americans and other minorities to eliminate health disparities and promote healthy communities through comprehensive programs. From this purposeful combination of science and faith, LCHC designs meaningful responses to improve community health.

Reducing Stigma

Community Engagement

Care Coordination


Resource Referral

Health Ministry Network

Evidence Based Information

Our Team

The LCHC team consists of passionate professional industry leaders committed to eliminating health disparities for communities in the Washington, DC area through comprehensive programs that educate, inspire and promote healthy behavior.

LCHC Board Members

 Reverend Dr. Frank D. Tucker, Chairman

Reverend Dr. Kendrick Curry, Vice Chairman

Edwin C. Chapman, M.D., Secretary

Sidney L. Strickland, Esq., Treasurer

Reverend Freddie Davis

Reverend Lionel Edmonds

Reverend Charles W. McNeill, Jr.

Reverend Dr. Regretta Ruffin

Ivan A. Walks, M.D.

Reverend Dr. Christopher Zacharias


I thought, I could go to the hospital and pray for them, or I can educate them so they don’t have to go to the hospital.

Reverend Dr. Frank D . Tucker

Board Chairman, Leadership Council for Healthy Communities

LCHC Staff

Mr. Floyd O. May
Interim Executive Director

Sullivan Robinson
Founding Executive Director

Ms. E. Paulette Sheffield
Program Director

Dr. Larry DeNeal
Program Evaluator

Ms. JoEtta Patterson
Financial Officer

Mr. Edrin Williams
Program Manager

Jamila Johnson
Communications Consultant