Success Story

Networks of Encouragment and Support

Safe Spaces to Discuss Health

The Role Faith-Based Institution Play

The residents in Ward 7 suffer from higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and have a lower life expectancy than those in the other Wards of DC. Many public health professionals have tried to reach the individuals in this community through a number of interventions; yet, the community still struggles from major health disparities when compared to other Wards. The role the faith-based institution plays in the lives of community members allows for the dissemination of trusted information and the creation of peer bonds networks that encourage and support. By creating a safe space to discuss health in faith organizations through our Health Coordinators, we can share evidence-based health information and resources with individuals in the community.

“To address issues in her community, Health Coordinator Mary implemented classes and programs at her church, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church.”


Health Coordinator, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church