Empowering the Community for Healthy and Wellness

Our Leadership

Our leadership is comprised of clergy leaders, medical professionals, and community leaders working to address health disparities.

Leadership Council for Healthy Communities

Our Management Team

Reverend Dr. Frank D. Tucker


Reverend Dr. Frank D. Tucker is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in the District of Columbia, Chairman of The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities (LCHC); and the Chair of the Black Leadership Commission on AIDS of DC and Vicinity (BLCA).
An advocate for health reform, he champions the efforts of programs and services which address health disparities for African Americans and other minorities throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

Board of Directors

Reverend Dr. Frank D. Tucker

Reverend Dr. John M. Alexander, Jr.
Vice Chairman

Edwin Chapman, M.D.

Sidney Strickland, Esq.

Ivan Walks, M.D.

Our Staff
Ms. Sullivan Robinson
Executive Director

Ms. E. Paulette Sheffield
Program Manager

Dr. Larry DeNeal
Program Evaluator

Ms. Johnette Wilson
Outreach Manager

Mrs. D. Gantt-Bey
Chief, Technology Officer

Ms. Esther Bailey
Financial Manager

Ms. Eulalia Ross
Executive Assistant

Floyd May

Interim Executive Director

Floyd O. May is the Interim Executive Director for The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities, Inc. (LCHC). As a founding member of LCHC, Mr. May provides executive leadership for this growing organization headquartered in the District of Columbia (DC). May is an expert on the Federal Fair Housing Law, with over 35 years of experience in the investigation and conciliation of Fair Housing Complaints. He has provided training regarding the Federal Fair Housing Law to both private and public government entities including Federal Agencies, State and Local Governments. In 2004, he founded the National Fair Housing Training Academy and teaches classes there.

E. Paulette Sheffield

Program Director

E. Paulette Sheffield is the Program Manager for the Leadership Council for Healthy Communities, Inc. (LCHC).  She has more than 25 years experience in working with health related programs. Prior to joining LCHC, Ms. Sheffield was the Coordinator and Outreach Director for the Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (BLCA) of DC and Vicinity. Ms. Sheffield has also served as the Outreach Services Coordinator for Trinity Development Corporation; Management Information System Administrator; Family Treatment Coordinator; Faith-based Social Welfare Program Director; Youth and Families Program Director.

In her position at LCHC, Ms. Sheffield is responsible for coordinating site scheduling; staffing the workgroup; managing the data collection process; performing other duties based on programmatic need; and maintaining the master database.

Organized By Faith Leaders

Our Mission

The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities’ mission is to promote healthy communities through comprehensive program and services throughout the National Capital region; we educate, inspire and promote healthy behaviors.